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Shipping/ returns/refunds

Shipping to Maldives :All bouquets and other orders are shipped via a courier service , standard item delivery is 3-7working days , if the item is being forwarded from the courier to another island or state it might take a few more days to reach you. Please note we will also be tracking your package till it reaches you . Shipping is completely free to Maldives.

If you have instructed us to hand over a package to a friend or relative (known to you ) who is travelling we can only trace your package till it has been handed over to them . All items will be packed safely using bubble wrap and in a box.  A courier service ensures us that your items arrive safely , quickly and in the state it was sent in .


Shipping internationally : shipping cost quoted is for express shipping (maximum shipping time is 10 days) .Your package will be sent by express courier which can be tracked . 

Some countries may charge an import duty/tax for your order, the payment of this tax is your responsibility , please feel free to contact us if you require any documentation for customs clearance purposes. 

Shipping cost:

The final cost for shipping depends on your exact order.  We ship our items in five types of boxes. Please refer to the table below for estimated costs of each box and what items can be shipped in them.

*Please note that this is the estimated cost of the boxes, the exact cost will be communicated with you personally via email / dm 

Size of Box

Items that can be shipped

 shipping cost (usd)

Extra small

hand corsages (up to five pieces



small-medium sized bouquet

bouttonieres (up to five pieces)



standard large/cascading/wide bouquet 


(up to five pieces)





headpiece (up to two small pieces)

flower clips/ pins

(5-10 pieces)

Extra Large

standard large/cascading/wide/small-medium bouquet

bouttonieres (up to five pieces)

Bridesmaid bouquets (up to five pieces)





 If by any chance there are damages of any sort,  we would require clear pictures/video of the damages as soon as the item has been received (24 hours of delivery) .  If the damages are minor and can be solved easily we will be communicating on how to fix it , if the damages are major (item is damaged completely and cannot be used) You may return the bouquet/ ship it back to us (shipping date should be a maximum of three days after delivery of the item) and we will re make and ship your bouquet or issue a partial refund of the item including the initial shipping cost (return shipping cost isn't included).


We will not be responding to any claims made regarding an order 24 hours after it has been collected from courier outlet.

(Please keep this in mind if your order is being taken by someone else on your behalf).

 Your orders are made and sent ideally a month or at least two to three weeks before the actual date it is to be used , if by any chance the delivery is delayed and the item doesn't reach by the date it is supposed to be used (wedding date) . A partial refund of you item will be issued.


If you have any further questions please inbox us an we will respond with 48 hours/less