How to Order – The Boutique by Shumss

How to Order


1. To place an order you need to first fill our order forms for a floral piece here or a beaded headpiece here. We will review your order and mail you an invoice with all the details.


2.Once the invoice is mailed please make the advance payment /s as soon as possible (before the last date mentioned on your listing) so that your order can be accepted and the items for it can be purchased . A custom order is only confirmed once the Advance payment has been made . Please send a copy of the deposit slip (if the payment is made by bank transfer). once the payment has been made. Paypal payment option is also available in your listing.


Please note that Your advance payment will be half of the total including shipping and it will be used to purchase supplies for your order and is non refundable.



3. Once the order has been confirmed it is in the process of being made , supplies would be ordered and you can follow updates on Instagram stories (@theboutiquebyshums) when each piece is being made you can also reach out to If by any chance there is a change in colour / design please inform us when you initially make your payment , if there are any changes after , please let us know as soon as possible and we can discuss how these changes can be implemented on your order.  Once the order has been made , pictures will be sent to you for approval and once that is done the order will finalised and awaiting your balance payment to be shipped .



We won't be accommodating any massive changes (to change all the colours or the design completely) made after the order has been confirmed.


4. Please note : all our receipts are sent as soon the relevant payments have been made . This is for your reference, if by any chance you do not receive a receipt after any of the payments (advance / final payment ) please let us know immediately .

Thank you!

Happy shopping!