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About us

Who is behind the workings of the boutique by Shums? 


Hello! Im Shama and I am the one working on your orders. The boutique by Shums instagram page may have started in 2018 but I have been working on bridal accessories and bouquets for nearly six years now. I used to showcase my work on my facebook page which I ran with my friend dedicated to bridal hijabs; the bouquets and headpieces were additional services that we provided. As the years went by I started focusing primarily on faux florals and intricate beaded headpieces. 


I look at natural flower bouquets for my inspiration. This motivated me to hunt for the best faux blooms and leaves. Things that look almost realistic. I do have a small stock of florals with me at home but I buy most of the blooms for each order I receive. This is why I take orders months in advance as some blooms are shipped in and it takes time to get every single element in my bouquets on my work table ready to be assembled.


I love the process of every piece I make, the initial discussions, the sourcing of materials, assembly and changes/modifications and the final images. Every piece is crafted with a lot of love and thought. The work done by this page is solely done by myself, from replying to  your queries , generating your invoices, photography, marketing etc.


I was a teacher before I started working on bridal accessories, crafting was actually something I discovered while styling bridal hijabs. The need to find an appropriate accessory for a hijabi bride was urgent until I decided to try my hand at making my own. This led to learning new techniques and expanded to bouquets as well. I did a few basic courses on flower making and accessories though most of my work reflects a lot of hours spent self learning, re-doing projects in order to perfect it .


I am also a mother of a four year old and my husband I find our selves involved in family activities together with our daughter when we aren’t working. I enjoy a good book/historical drama when I am relaxing and a lot of my interests are reflected on my work as well.


I hope you enjoy your time spent on my page and I hope the order process and forms which I’ve made will be easy for you to navigate through. If you have any queries please feel free to drop me an e mail by filling the form below.


Thank you and Happy shopping!