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A wedding is usually about flowers. The bridal bouquet takes centerstage and the rest compliments the theme and the bridal bouquet. A lot of brides opt for simple, classic styles but the truth is bridal bouquets are of many types ; from the florals to the shapes, styles and size. Picking your bouquet depends mainly on your attire, type of ceremony/ party, the overall theme of the venue and most importantly, your personal taste. Take a look at our gallery and get an idea of what type of arrangements and floral accessories would be suitable for your wedding!


Bridal Bouquets  

Your bouquet, the flowers, foliage and arrangement sets the tone for all your wedding florals including decor, accessories for bridesmaids, flower girls etc.

Each bridal bouquet will come with a matching boutonnière for the groom at no additional cost. 

There are several types and sizes of bouquets to choose from :

Posy bouquets: 

Small and classic whimsical arrangements for the minimalistic and simple bride. We offer two size varieties of this bouquet

  • Small sized posy bouquet - small and simple posy style bouquet (circumference of about 8 inches , 20 cm) $ 101 
  • Extra small sized posy bouquet - fewer blooms than the small sized version, (circumference of about 8 inches, 20 cm) $120 

Semi sized bouquet:


One of our most popular sizes. This is a very balanced , not too big/ small arrangement suitable for any type of event. 

Priced at $152 ( circumference of about 10 inches , 25 cm)


Standard large sized bouquet 

The traditional round arrangement with lots of detail and lush blooms.

Priced at $184 (circumference of about 12 inches , 30cm)


Wild Asymmetrical Bouquet 

Wild , wide arrangements with elements like protea, pampas grass and succulents with lots of detail and greens. There are two sizes available in this catergory

  • Standard wild bouquet :Priced at $191 (circumference/width of 15-17 inches, 43 cm)
  • Smaller wild bouquet : with fewer blooms and leaves priced at $162 (circumference / width of 15-17 inches, 43 cm)


Cascading Bouquet

Has a teardrop or waterfall  shape to the bouquet with cascading blooms and greens.  

Priced at $194 , (length of 12-15 inches , 38 cm) 

Glamelia bouquets :

One very large rose , each petal carefully handcrafted to suit the bride’s requirements and wedding theme . This bouquet can be embellished with beads/crystals or it can have lots of greens / pampas grass or feathers at the base . 
priced at $172 (width - 8-10 inches , length : customisable) 

Bridesmaid Bouquets 

Small arrangements to complement the bridal bouquet or wedding theme for bridesmaids. There are two sizes of bouquets available for this category.

  • Standard bridesmaid bouquet : Comprises of 3-4 large blooms, smaller blooms and fillers and leaves. Priced at $29 each
  • Small bridesmaid bouquet : 2-3 large blooms, smaller blooms and fillers and greens .Priced at $23 each

Minimum order quantity of bridesmaid bouquets is three pieces, unless if ordering with a bridal bouquet . 

If you require a quantity above ten pieces, discounts will be issued according to amount of bouquets that you need. 

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