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Every wedding/event usually has a colour scheme or a theme with which certain colours are associated with. A bride's floral bouquet takes centre stage and can either blend with the colours of the event or stand out . 

Here are a few themes/colours to get you started on planning the florals of your big day.

White with lots of greens is always a safe and classic choice and would blend with your wedding gown. You can choose to incorporate the shades of your wedding in to your bouquet or stand out completely in white.

Shades of dusty rose/mauve is quite popular and brides usually mix these shades with white or a darker shade like a deep red. If you would like to add a shade on pink/ purple to your wedding these shades are ideal and go well with a lot of colours. 


 Pinks, peaches mixed with white and ivory shades add a soft tone to your florals . This is another popular trend among brides and these colours are seen to their advantage especially in outdoor weddings during the day.


 Rustic arrangements are quite trendy especially in fall colours. Deep reds, burnt orange, pops of yellow with wild elements such as protea, succulents and pampas grass and lots of detail and fillers if you are looking for something different and unique. 


 Sunny Yellow hues will brighten the wedding florals and give the entire theme a sun shiny vibe ! Sun flowers are the main blooms one would go for but there are also bright yellow marigolds, fillers like billy buttons , gerbera daisies and so many more.


 Romantic shades of red gives the bridal outfit the perfect pop and glam. Red has always been associated as a colour for weddings in many cultures and the fact that it is such a diverse shades gives the opportunity to pair it with different shades and still make any floral arrangement look special. Darker shades of red such as maroon and burgundy seem to be liked by many and used in a lot of weddings. 



Contrasting shades are a great way to plan a wedding colour theme. It gives the opportunity to mix and play with different shades and create beautiful contrasting florals that would make striking decor. 


I hope these mood boards will inspire you to choose your colour palette for your wedding . The colours set the tone for the whole event and would be one of the most important decisions you will be making for your wedding.